How to save on shopping: promotions, discounts, and promo codes at Sokolov

Presently Sokolov is one of the biggest leaders in jewelry market – the brand’s success resulted from several factors. Firstly, the company works with the best manufacturers and suppliers. Before displaying products in the store, all the Sokolov jewelry undergoes careful selection and quality control. The second thing is, that the company is always on top of everything, follows the fashion trends and latest products in the jewelry market, and every year extends the Sokolov catalog with the new range of products. The third thing is that the company keeps improving the quality of services and takes care of its customers. For example, the Sokolov store has various special offers and beneficial deals.

The latest offers from the company are always presented on the main page of the Sokolov website. Besides that, you can access all the running sale events through the special section “Promotions” from the main menu. Please note, during season sale there’s an opportunity to buy earrings and other Sokolov products with up to 70 off! Also, Sokolov promo codes are very popular among brand lovers, which help to buy rings and products by Sokolov at the best price.

By becoming a loyalty program member, you can buy Sokolov jewelry and watches at a reduced price. To become a member of the mySOKOLOV club is very easy, all you have to do is visit the Sokolov website and complete the “Become a club member” registration form. Please note, there is registration through social media available as well.

For additional information about loyalty program membership and how to buy Sokolov gold at the best price, please visit the Sokolov official website.

Sokolov jewelry company: the brand’s history

The history of the company started in 1993 when spouses Alexey and Elena Sokolov established a small family workshop where Alexey himself was the author of the first jewelry of the brand.

Seven years after the business set up, it started to grow rapidly. In 2000, in order to expand production, the founders managed to move to a new site. And in 2003 for the first time production of masterpieces with semiprecious inserts and diamonds was launched. In 2007, the company expected another expansion of the production space and that time up to 10k sq.m. In 2009, the production of silver jewelry was launched and the company opened its first office in Moscow. Two years later, in 2011, the company managed to enter the international jewelry market and open its international office in Switzerland.

As early as 2012 the company’s first international store was opened in Switzerland, and from that moment the company’s retail chain started to grow internationally. In 2015, the company became a leader in the number of gold and silver products launched in Eastern Europe, and that’s when the Sokolov jewelry watches became available. 2016 was the year of opening the first office in Germany and launching the first collections of silver chronographs.

In 2017 the first collection of moon phase watches and first exclusive collection of stained-glass enamel products was launched, as well as the production space has expanded to up to 40k sq.m. In 2018 Sokolov launched its first fancy collaboration with the TEREKHOV Girl clothing brand, kick-started the production of SOKOLOV Baby children’s silverware and accessories, as well as opened its first flagship store in Russia.